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For those in peril
A history of Ilfracombe lifeboats


The North Devon coast is challenging and our weather can be harsh. Ilfracombe lifeboats have been rescuing people in difficulties for 190 years. This book tells the story of our lifeboats, and the dedication and bravery of their crews.


Robert Thompson
Memories in Print, 2018

ISBN 978-0-9931432-0-12

Price: £6.50 + P&P (all profits go to the RNLI)


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Family Fragments

Piecing together a childhood in care


Joan had little idea of the details of her childhood. She had few memories of her mother, none of her father and she had no idea why she had spent her childhood in care. Without even a birth certificate to go on, her son Alan set about trying to find some answers for his mother. He uncovered a fragmented family and a history which included time in care homes and with foster families.


Alan Brain and Gudrun Limbrick
Memories in Print, 2014

ISBN: 978 0 993143 20 5

Price: £9.99 + P&P



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The Gardhams

by Jane Gardham


The story of Jane's family, the Gardhams of Hull who moved in the mid ninetenth century and settled in St Helens, near Liverpool.


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The Man Behind the Clock

by Alan J Brain


A casual interest in the clock that had always stood on the mantelpiece turned into curiosity about the man to whom it was presented in 1939 - Mr J Brain. When J Brain was found to be the author’s Great Grandfather, this curiosity became a full-scale hunt for family information. The result is The Man behind the Clock - the story of the Brain family through a combination of meticulous research and family anecdotes, a fascinating description of one Midlands family.


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Deeds of Love:

The story of Sir Josiah Mason's Orphanage & School, Birmingham

 by Gudrun Limbrick 


This orphanage was started by the industrialist, Sir Josiah Mason, as an act of charity. The enormous building was demolished in the 1960s leaving virtually no trace of the hundreds of children who once lived there.


£12.99 + £1.50 postage and packing (UK only)







The Children of the Homes:

A Century of Erdington Cottage Homes, Birmingham

by Gudrun Limbrick


The story of these, amongst the largest and longest-lasting cottage homes in the UK, told in the words of

the people who spent all or part of their childhoods there.

A moving and inspirational collection of memories.


£12.99 + £1.50 postage and packing (UK only)

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