Writing Your Life Story


Whether you want to write your life story, your memoirs or your family history, Memories in Print is here to offer you the opportunity to write the book you and your family deserve. You don't need any special skills - you can just talk!



At Memories in Print we know how important memories can be. We talk to people all the time who say they wish they could write their life story, or their family’s story, but they don't feel confident that they can do it.



We will talk through your story with you, use your photos and memories, and provide you with the book of your dreams.



It's easy!




We will talk with you about your memories up and then write it all up and, using your own photographs, produce a beautiful book for you to share with your family and friends... and perhaps the book-buying public!



How does it work?



We arrange to meet you (usually in your home), and record our conversation about your memories. You can say as much or as little as you want. Usually two or three meetings will give us as much information as we need. We may also ask some questions on the phone.




We then write it up and let you see a draft and you can make any changes you like. We then design the book and, again, you get to see the draft and make amendments before we print.


You control the process at every point so that you get the book that you want.






Why do it?




1. It will be a priceless gift to your family that they and future generations will treasure




2. Your memories and stories will be preserved, not only within the family but in your local library and archives


3. We are expert oral history writers and publishers. Your story will be in very safe hands





4. The process is easy - all you need to do is talk





5.  It's great value and more affordable than you might think





 Have a look at our free, inspirational guide to writing your memoirs.




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Have a look at our

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