Writing and printing

your family history         



Researching your family history can mean that you create a fine-looking family tree that you can hang proudly on your wall. But this may only tell a small part of your story.


More often than not, family history research brings forth a lot of information that you would like to be able to share with the rest of the family - or that you might want to publish for the rest of the world to see.


The information might include:  

  • details about the lives of your ancestors that you have found in newspaper reports
  • descriptions of your ancestor's houses from census reports
  • long-forgotten family photographs
  • details about the towns in which your family once lived   
  • family anecdotes and oral history
  • information you have found in official documents and records  

You may want this information preserved for future generations; you may want to share it with close relatives or perhaps with other branches of your family overseas.


We can research, write and print your family history - or edit and print a family history you have already written.


Your family history will be forever preserved in a beautiful, high quality, illustrated book.


Please see our guide to get an idea of the costs involved or contact us to discuss what you want.


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Have a look inside!


To see selected pages from a family history book created by Memories in Print, click on the book cover below.





(You will need Adobe Acrobat)


'The Gardhams' is the history of a

family that originated in Hull and

moved to Warrington.

We at Memories in Print

were able to research the

family tree, find relevant photographs

and other illustrations, research local newspapers, and write and designa beautiful, informative book.